Car Safety for Children!
The Emma's Inspirations Car Window Decal.
When your routine changes or when someone else is dropping off your child, here is the reminder you need to check
the seats 'anyway'. Talking with a friend in the parking lot, an open window will let the car breathe and keep the little
ones safe. Dogs in cars are also often forgo
tten about.
And when you've locked the door and you're about to walk away... The Double Check is a reminder saying, "hey, did
you forget someone important?" It's the kind of reminder that could save the life of your child.
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Our static cling car window decal is a simple reminder to
you, that your child could still be in the back seat. Never
forget that a quiet or sleeping child is in the car.  
Sometimes all it takes is just a note!
Each year, millions of children face danger and injury because of
being left in vehicles unattended. As parents ourselves, we
understand that we all have busy schedules and so many things going
on that it becomes easy to lose track of who is watching the child.
After having our own experience with nearly losing our child Emma,
because of this very situation, we were inspired to create a simple
and affordable reminder for those times when things are hectic