It's a rainbow!

This is Emma's story.

When our daughter Emma was an infant, we moved into our new house. As we pulled into the driveway we all became very excited and quickly left the car to see the house. There was so much to be done that everyone went off in different directions.

I heart U!

I had assumed that my husband had Emma and he thought that it was me who had brought her inside. Making the assumption that everything was okay, we all went about moving into our new home. In a sudden moment of panic we realized that our baby girl wasn't even in the house. Nearly 45 minutes after we had arrived, we rushed to our car for Emma.

The sun was high in the sky and it was sweltering in the car. We were very lucky. I thank God that my older son had opened the back window on the ride up because he was car-sick, or Emma may not have become the vibrant six year old she is today! From that point on we left notes in all the cars. "Where's Emma?" was our catch phrase. We were determined to never let it happen to us again.

When my daughter and I read about so many kids being left in cars and witnessed the heartache of parents who were not so fortunate as us, we remembered our notes. The notes have worked for us and we know they will help all of you.

It's a rainbow!

Emma's window decals are that little reminder you need when things are moving at a fast pace. By sticking these decals in the right places you will have a simple and affordable reminder to check again. A reminder so simple that could save your child's life.

Emma's Mother